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Lets say I create a self-signed X509 certificate A and use it to issue certificate B.

I put certificate A in my trusted root authorities so that all certificates signed by it are accepted.

Is the parent certificate somehow embedded into its child? Also, a certificate can contain an extension which points to a place where the issuer's certificate can be downloaded (the "Authority Information Access", section of RFC 5280); note that since all certificates are signed entities which are accepted and use only after having verified these signatures, they can be downloaded and transported with little care. The various classes from this namespace allow operations such as creating stores, importing, exporting, deleting, enumerating and retrieving information on certificates. X.509 is the standard for a public key infrastructure (PKI) for single sign-on and Privilege Management Infrastructure.reconstructing chains of certificate on which validation (including verifying cryptographic signatures) seems relevant.What is odd is that the signature property seems to be missing in a lot of instances (.The options for the search are defined by the X509Find Type enumerator.