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In 2015, he was featured on two tracks on Phantoms' debut EP, Broken Halo.

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Figuring out your romantic options may be challenging when almost everyone you know is straight identifying, but it’s not impossible, and if you continue to put yourself out there, eventually you will find a person to share your soul with.Tons of people still think that you need to have at least one major relationship in high school or else something’s wrong with you.Sure, this might be hard to conceptualize – especially after watching seven seasons of “Boy Meets World” – but I promise you there are benefits to being “not so cool” in high school.One step further, I think these people are by far the most datable ones years after graduation.Chances are, they were probably the burnouts of the bunch.For the purpose of this piece, however, I'd like to focus on the people who remember high school a little differently.

There are definitely some perks and benefits, like learning how to be in a relationship in the first place and the fact that hooking up feels nice, but the drawbacks are definitely still a looming threat.Meeting Other Queer Teens in High School Meeting Other Queer Teens Outside of High School Taking Your Friendship to the Next Level Community Q&A Dating in high school is hard for everyone, but the stakes are even higher when you identify as a queer teen.You know you want to enter into a romantic relationship, but you’re not sure where to start.If they say high school was “the best years ever,” still wearing their varsity letterman jacket (six years after graduation) – well, then you know pretty confidently that their current phase of life ain't too hot.If their recollections of high school are, hazy” at best?They can offer you encouragement or end up betraying you.