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However, there are many ways to reduce risk of transmission, even for an uninfected person in a sexually active relationship with someone who is HIV-positive.

Iā€™m currently dating this woman who has HIV and hepatitis B. This is a very safe way to protect you from catching HIV."Individuals who are optimally treated, who have undetectable viral loads, who responsibly use protection, have an incredibly's incredibly rare to transmit the virus," he .Risk is reduced even further when the following qualifications are met: Risk of transmission varies with viral load, which is entirely unique to each individual.Consistent and correct condom usage is key to lowering transmission risk in mixed status couples, regardless of viral load. How do we make this happen without me getting infected? Many sero-different couples (where one is HIV positive and the other is not), continue to have loving relationships. Viral load tests tell you how much virus there is in your body.