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Radiocarbon dating laboratory lund

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Since tissues like skin and cartilage are known to spontaneously decay in only thousands of years, these published finds clearly show that the fossils could not be millions of years old.

Careful chemical analyses published in peer-reviewed journals concluded that original tissues—most often protein that had not mineralized—came from the buried animals' carcasses.

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Now, a team of researchers using special equipment at the MAX-lab in Lund, Sweden, has applied more than six different techniques to verify that tissues from inside a Cretaceous mosasaur humerus bone, which was kept in the Royal Institute of Natural Sciences of Belgium "for many years," consist of mosasaur and not microbial molecules. First, the investigators chemically removed the mineral matrix from the mosasaur bone, leaving behind the proteins and other biomolecules.Since the concept of 70 million-year-old flesh sounds so fanciful, many evolutionists have suggested that biological material in fossils came from bacteria instead of being original tissue.Much of this study's investigation, therefore, focused on testing whether or not that was the case with these soft tissues.On the basis of the dating of the fossil remains presented in this study, a future cultural identification might be possible, and in this way the fossil remains might be associated with other findings of the same type from the Central and Eastern Europe.The following list of accelerator mass spectrometry facilities sets out the research centres which employ accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS).kull from the Cioclovina cave has been dated to the age 29000 700 years BP.