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Was it really a retail shop, or an elaborate, conceptual advertisement for Jay Ward’s animation services?

When I lived half a block down on Havenhurst in the early 1990s, it was exceedingly rare to see an “open” sign in the window.

I learned about Claire (not her real name) last year. But Claire’s perspectives—on academia, on the job market, on the importance (or lack thereof) of loving your job—struck me as really interesting. At her request, we’ve made some identifying information confidential. I made the choice to eschew the national job market altogether. I am much smarter, more sophisticated, and more culturally aware than I could have ever been without these degrees. C: I have a three-year-old kid whom I don’t want to put in all-day daycare.

I confirmed that her tale is true and asked if she would be willing to discuss her unusual exit from academia here on Vitae. Following is a transcription of our discussion, which took place over a couple months. I am grateful for the education and intellectual growth this Ph. So a night job was essential, since my husband works from 9 to 5.

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I needed to make adult money—more than the fabulous ,000 a year I was getting as an exploited grad assistant—to afford our house.

In this context, stripping was the easiest and quickest solution.