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Welcome to the home of "The Question Evolution Project". Evidence refuting evolution is suppressed by the scientific establishment, which is against the true spirit of scientific inquiry.

Using an unregistered assault keyboard, articles and links to creation science resources are presented so people can obtain evidence that is not materialistic propaganda. My theory, which is mine, may seem overwhelming to prosaic minds, but give it some consideration and you'll see why it is excellent. Organizing The Question Evolution Project, as well as my interests in biblical creation science, apologetics, false religions, logic, and so forth, cause me read quite a bit of material, watch videos, listen to audio, and write very long sentences.

The subject was the relationship between evolutionism and New Age religions, science history, Hinduism, paganism, and the like.This was because I'm an author and becoming influential in biblical creation science.He had a ministry and was established as a respected author, so he was able to develop the ideas that he read in my mind.Of all of these, it was rationalism that more than any other concept defined the Enlightenment, which was also called the "Age of Reason." In earlier installments, we spoke about how the Middle (Dark) Ages were dominated by the Church and were God-focused.Then came the Renaissance, a time that was more focused on humanity with emphasis on the arts and classical knowledge.And the surprise at the end of The Magician’s Nephew is of the first order.