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Accommodating students with dyslexia in all classroom settings

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Let these accommodations help put to rest attitudes and experiences in school that may lead students who struggle to acquire literacy skills to frustration and low self-esteem.

Let them help every child reach their born potential.

She said she wouldn’t draw, sing, dance, do art projects, join into discussions or practice the alphabet and numbers. The teacher thought she was very shut down and maybe had emotional problems.

This came as a surprise to me as Gen was a very outgoing sociable little girl and definitely did not have any issues with talking, at least at home.

Many dyslexic students experience challenges when it comes to language skills development, including reading, writing and spelling.

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The dyslexic student often finds the classroom a stressful and confusing place to be.

After about a week I received a call from her teacher.

She was very concerned because Gen was not participating in any activities in the classroom.

Nonetheless, phonics-based, multi-sensory and evidence-based reading instruction has been shown to improve the language skills of dyslexic children.

So while dyslexia may still be classed as a learning difficulty, the terminology “learning difference” may be more appropriate.