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Kang dong won dating

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Kang Ho Dong has been in entertainment industry for a long time.

After all of those times, he still shows professionalism in every show.

Fans of Kang Dong-won and Jung Ryeo-won may be disappointed to learn that the K-Drama actors are not in a relationship, despite the rumour mills claiming otherwise.

In fact, Kang's representative agency YG Entertainment has claimed that anyone spreading these claims will be sued.

[ 213, -54] Song Hye Gyo's certainly charming but I don't think she's found her match yet.

According to insiders, she's really conservative and ends up breaking up with male actors because of their complicated relationships with other females.7.

And those strategizing skills come in handy at the office.

It's fitting that ZE: A's Im Si Wan should play someone smart as he studied mechanical engineering at Busan University.

Thinking about the process she went through makes me cringe ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 15.There he was considered a gifted student and received plenty of academic awards.His fellow ZE: A members even voted him the smartest in the group.This week a scandal erupted involving his family history – his great grandfather was a pro-Japanese Korean and reportedly garnered much wealth and success because of it.This is enough to make jingoistic netizens angry, and for good reason as Korea was governed terribly by the Japanese from the humanistic perspective, but its also being reported that Kang Dong Won and/or his agency YG has been deleting all the news about his family history as Japanese sympathizers and that has turned this negative on his image into a raging scandal."He is sorry for the actress because these dating rumours keep surfacing," said the representative.