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Would you love for a bunch of people to read a portion of your manuscript and debate its merits?There will be criticism to deal with, but it will be constructive criticism. It’s a gamble, but the odds are far better than the traditional route of agents and their capricious and hurried readers, or with the rapidly dwindling number of publishers accepting unsolicited manuscripts. We will make the entire book available for reading to a critique group within our community. Once you submit a manuscript, we’ll create it’s own dedicated reviewing group.

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Our goal is to find and publish great books and, in the process, help you become a better writer. Thanks to our community of authors and readers, we give each submission the attention it deserves.

Honest reviews by absolutely impartial parties are what every author needs. The typical set-up will consist of thirty to forty readers.

They’ll read a portion of it, discuss it, rate it one to five stars, and comment in depth, with candor.

Not only were they good, they were diverse in theory, method, and content. While we picked an official winner and Honorable Mentions – you’ll get that news elsewhere – we wanted to share with you the Stellar Seven.

Not only is each an elegant article, taken together they show the exciting panoply of work that we’re doing. “The Spontaneous Emergence of Conventions: An Experimental Study of Cultural Evolution.