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Notes on dating a law student

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The Class Notes Collection, now fully cataloged for the first time, should be of great interest to anyone working on legal history, legal education, or the history of Harvard Law School itself. Case law is written on transparent onionskin sheets the size and shape of Post-Its and pasted in on top of lecture notes; red ink is typically used to underline and summarize key arguments in the margins.The bulk of the collection takes the form of neatly homogeneous, crimson-leather-bound notebooks purchased from the Harvard Coop and inscribed on the inner cover with students’ names, local addresses, and desk numbers. One gets the impression of a disciplined and uniform method of note-taking, taught from an early age, which gradually fell away after the Second World War and was abandoned as standard practice by the 1960s. Are you briefing a freaking case before classes even start? From there, even if your initial 50/50 choices were dead wrong, you can recover with bulls**t. They have many suitors and you’ll get farther by showing the self-respect to not kiss their ass at all times. Just remember that it’s the only year that matters. Law firms blow a lot of rhetorical hot air affirming their commitment to achieving gender diversity in the workplace. During that time, you can be furiously skimming the case synopsis in your book. Sucking up to the star professor is like hitting on the prettiest girl at the bar.While the notebooks have the outward appearance of uniformity, within, they attest to rich personal histories.

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Houseman earned an Academy Award for performance as the professor.

Outlines allow you to copy other people’s work so you don’t have to do it yourself. You don’t want to spend 3 months drinking gin and juice and then go on a tequila bender right before exams. Also, for what it’s worth, 1L year is possibly the WORST POSSIBLE TIME to go on the wagon. Get your rehab in over the summer; 1L year is not the time to change your entire self-medication regime. The professor will have to tell you that you are wrong or ask for more information.

Start off with what you can handle then add as the semester goes along. Kind of like establishing a control soluble that can dissolve other inputs in a known way. “I would say that the key holding is to [increase/decrease] the rights of [any name in the case heading] vis-à-vis the compelling interests of the [state/corporation].” That might not be the “right” answer, but you’ve just put the ball back in the professor’s court.

Current law students may find comfort in the near ubiquity of question marks and crossed-out phrases (as well as large splotches of ink). 1906) in his 1905 notes on Equity, taught by Beale), while others suggest great discipline and organization, such as the tidy script and thorough indexing of future HLS professor Austin Wakeman Scott (1884-1981).

Some are covered in doodles, caricatures, and exhortations (“To hell with Beale! Many of the notebooks were donated to the library by graduates’ children and grandchildren, and some have been carefully typed up and bound in display volumes.