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I was just reading some of the Log Cabin chronicle posting and I thought maybe you could give me some direction.

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"I can't remember right now, but I won't say it didn't happen," she said. He'd say he was going to a club for a couple of hours and then never come back that night." Jennifer also explained that she and Diddy split so often that he didn't believe it when she left him for good in February 2001."I had to think, do I want to be home with kids in 10 years wondering where somebody is at three in the morning?It was there that Xzibit says he really found himself shaking in his firmly heterosexual boots.As he describes it: "She (Superhead) points over and there's two dudes kissing.In 2011, Diddy was finally acquitted of all the charges related to the case, and he settled with the three victims of the shooting.In addition to their arrest, the tumultuous relationship marked the first time Jennifer "was with someone who wasn't faithful." Jennifer opened up about the split in a 2003 interview with Vibe magazine, saying, "I was in this relationship with Puff where I was totally crying, crazy and going nuts, it really took my whole life in a tailspin." During their time together, there were reports that Jennifer would hunt Diddy down and knock on hotel room doors looking for him.Puff Daddy, Puffy, Diddy, etc.) treated him to the gayest night of his life — all while doing everything verbally in his power to relay the message that he, himself, is not gay.

In a new interview with Jamie Foxxhole's radio show, Xzibit shares the story of how Sean Combs (a.k.a.

They even openly claim that they had one night stand.

But after 2002 the couple was never spotted together.

The couple had been at a midtown Manhattan club when gunfire erupted at around a.m., and they were stopped by police after they ran a red light while driving away.

Police allegedly found a stolen gun in their vehicle and they were both charged with criminal possession of a weapon and stolen property, though Jennifer's count was dropped within an hour when the Manhattan district attorney decided not to prosecute her.