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Reality TV star and former talk show host Bethenny Frankel has a new man in her life and he’s from St. Just last month she announced her split from businessman Dennis Shields after less than a year dating.

Dating material vs marriage material

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Knowing yourself and being confident in your abilities is something that'll come with time, and when it happens, you'll be that much closer to being the perfect partner for some lucky person. You're still growing and learning who you are as a person.My husband is the opposite of the “ideal man” I had envisioned for myself and even though he doesn’t have certain qualities that I used to consider requirements, he is exactly what I need and that was clear to me, and everyone around me, very early into our relationship.When I hit that stage in life where I realized I was done dating for the sake of dating and wanted to settle down and find “the one,” I realized that the kinds of guys I liked to date weren’t necessarily husband material and I had to really examine my list of wants and needs, and figure out the differences between the two.You’re into him so you allow him to buy you a drink and have already decided you’re going to go home with this guy FINALLY, if she is down to meet up again for lunch or a drink then she is cool in the books.Guys are always down for a girl that can eat or drink with as friends, friends with benefits or with our newly discovered bae.It's great to want to make someone happy, but remember: Being in a relationship is about equality and balance. You're confident in yourself, as well as your convictions, which is why you're going to make someone very happy someday.

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Being alone and figuring out what kind of person you'd be compatible with is a very grown-up thing to do, and someday, you'll definitely be girlfriend material. However, you may be too selfless when it comes to catering to your partner. You're fun, attentive, and you have a great sense of self.

All respondents were also asked what they considered to be the best age to get married, with the majority of women (44 per cent) stating 26-30 years old and the majority of men (53 per cent) choosing ‘31-35 years old’.

It’s also no surprise that the majority of men chose a higher age bracket to get married than women, as it has been proven that women are more advanced with maturity, whilst men don’t quite know how to act their age.'Cecilia d’Felice, Clinical Psychologist for, said: 'Mutually being in love is what makes a couple "marriage material" and we should never lose sight of this.

This type of situation doesn’t exist anywhere aside from cheesy romantic comedies.

If you choose to pursue a relationship with a guy who clearly isn’t relationship material, then you’re setting yourself up to fail before you even begin.